Do's and Dont's...

Playground policies

Copies of all playground policies are available from the office. Ofsted reports on our site are also available for parents/carers to view at any time.


Children’s registration forms are renewed regularly to ensure information is correct and up to date. Where any contact details change (for example due to a house move or change of telephone number), it is important that you tell us immediately so that records can be updated.

If you would like support to complete the form you can arrange for a member of staff to assist you.

Promoting positive behaviour

As a parent/carer you will know, children and young people need guidance when it comes to behaviour. We need to work together to set a good example. Since most behaviour is learnt from others, we ask that adults visiting the site stick to the same rules that are set out for the children. Respect for other people is an important rule for positive behaviour. Our rules are to do with respect for others, for example we do not allow:

  • Name calling, bullying or fighting;
  • Foul language;
  • Spitting; or
  • Throwing stones or bark

Suspensions and exclusions

Negative behaviour can do many things. It can upset, offend or even put others in danger. It can spoil the play for other users. We have a policy for suspending children and young people from our facility or even excluding them permanently. While this is a last resort, in some cases it is necessary. If you would like to learn more about our policy then please ask our staff.

Suitable clothing

We advise that all our users wear clothing and footwear that is practical. 

Adventure play gives children the chance to take part in lively and sometimes messy play activities. Children should come to the playground in clothes that they can play in freely and not worry about getting messy.

Given the large numbers of children who attend, it helps to have clothing clearly labelled, particularly coats, hats and scarves during the winter periods.


The playground will sometimes run cookery as one of its activities. If you have any specific concerns or your child has specific allergies, please provide full details on the registration form.

If your child has any severe allergic reactions to particular foods please ensure that this is raised with the Senior worker.

We suggest that if your child is planning to stay the whole day that they bring a packed lunch with them.


Staff are not encouraged to administer any drugs or medication to children and young people. If for any reason your child needs medicine (for example an inhaler to treat asthma) please speak with the Senior worker on site.

Where there is a requirement for children to take any medication when on the Playground, the Senior worker will require clear instructions from your doctor and your written permission. It is important that medications are handed into the office and not left in your child’s bag. Please also ensure that medication is clearly labelled and that there is enough medication for the length of time that your child is in the adventure playground’s care.


Some children and young people find pets frightening. Please do not bring in you pets into the playground unless it is a guide dog. Pet mess can also carry disease which may be picked up by children. Also some children and young people have allergies that can be triggered by certain pets.

Photographs and filming

In the interest of protecting children, no unauthorised filming or photography (except for parent /carers filming their own children) is allowed. The playground is often an attractive venue for film production companies and photographers; however they must get permission from the Playground Manager.

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