The playground

Open access

The adventure playground is open access – this means that they are free to enter and children can come and go as they choose. They are usually open after school, on Saturdays and in the school holidays, and accept children aged 6 years and above.  Children can decide for themselves what they do there (within reasonable boundaries) and can control their own play, indoors or outside, giving access to nature, the natural environment and lots of materials and resources for play. Open access means that you do not have to collect your children when it is time for them to go home, and they can come and go freely during the times when the playground is open.

 Please note: this is not a childcare service. If you are looking for childcare, you can contact the Family Information Service:

 Phone: 020 7527 5959  Web:


All users 6-13 years old with or without disabilities need to have a completed registration form signed by parent/guardian

Safety and maintenance

We take our users health very seriously. All our structures are built to high standards. Our designs and finished structures have to meet health and safety standards and there are regular detailed inspections carried out by our own staff as well as outside safety professionals. For safety during the winter months the playground is floodlit.

Damage is sometimes caused to our site without our staff being aware of it. For this reason our staff check the playground and the structures every day to look for any possible dangers. If you see anything that could be a potential danger, please let a member of staff know immediately.

Children's belongings

We do provide a place to hang coats and bags; however we advise children to hand valuables to a member of staff for safe keeping. Please discourage your child from bringing their own toys or valuable items to the playground as we do not take responsibility for loss or damage of any items not handed in.

Suitable clothing

We advise that all our users wear clothing and footwear that is practical. Adventure play can be dangerous to your children's clothing. Dressing to impress will cause your purse distress!


Toffee Park uses every opportunity to recycle materials donated to us. We value the support of the local community and business. If you have something we may be able to use, we would be glad to hear from you.

Health and Safety

Sometimes children and young people have accidents. Please inform a member of staff to help or if you require first aid. A first aider will always be available onsite. All members of staff are qualified at giving first aid. We ask you not to move any child who appears unable to move themselves following an accident

Fire drills and evacuations

Under the health and Safety at Work Act we have to carry out a fire drill, (Which includes a full evacuation of the site). We understand this can irritate some people, but we are sure that you realise it could save lives in an emergency. The building must display an official fire notice which gives details of our formal evacuation procedures, if you notice that fire exits are blocked, please tell a member of staff immediately.